Duodecimal 12-Sided Color Book Snowflakes

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12 Duodecimal Outlines

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Duodecimal Color Book Snowflakes

Duodecimal or twelve sided color book snowflakes are perfect for very young children and those who cannot use scissors but want to enjoy creating beautiful snowflake ornaments for the holidays. These outlined snow crystal shapes can also be used for a variety of craft hobby projects such as crochet, embroidery, latch-hook rugs, wood work, stencil and other personal art projects. Mix and match with other color book and folding patterns to fill the auditorium to the brim for the holiday pageant or drape snowflake ornaments around every window in the house. Educate and entertain in one fell swoop with paper snow flake patterns of all different shapes and sizes, and many based upon actual ice crystal classifications.

12-Sided Coloring Book Patterns

These snow flake patterns are derived from the fold and cut patterns.