It Just Doesn't Get Easier than This First Step Folding Snowflake Patterns

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First Step 2 Sided Folding

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Easy 2-Sided First Step Patterns

First Step 2 Sided Folding Patterns

First Step fold and cut, easy 2 Sided snowflake patterns are basic designs intended for absolute beginners, preschool age children and and people with special needs. First Step designs are extremely simple, elementary level patterns which use very basic cutout shapes to help introduce math concepts to very young children, the developmentally challenged, and people with special needs.

Most First Step color me patterns have just two or three basic cut shape (circle, square, triangle) which most beginners should be able to master fairly quickly. These simple shapes are repeated over 2, 3, 4, and 6 sided designs to demonstrate how varied results can be obtained for different folds using similar cuts.

Elementary 2 Sided Snowflake Patterns