3 Dimensional Snowflake Instructions

Three Dimensional Snowflake Patterns

3-d snowflake Sometimes I think the hardest thing about this section was learning how to spell the word dimensional. It is very easy to make basic 3-D paper ornaments. Pretty much all you have to do is print two like images on card stock, Vellum Bristol or other heavy duty paper, then cut opposite slits in each ornament. It doesn't matter whether the slits are horizontal, diagonal or vertical, just as long as they are opposite each to give the proper 3-d effect when the images slide together.

For best results, use thick cardstock paper.

Design your own snow flake three-D ornaments and turn ordinary paper snowflakes into extraordinary 3D ornaments. Liven up your Christmas tree or windows and doorways. Once you learn how to make one 3-D snowflake ornaments, you can make a blizzard of Christmas and winter holiday decorations.

Attach each section to the other with tape, glue or staples until you have a completed 6-sided ornament. Hole punch one end to hang the ornament using yarn, string or Christmas ornament fasteners.

How to Make Three Dimensional Snowflake Ornaments

For these 3-D snow flake pattern you need 6 sheets of 8 1/2"x11" paper cut into exact squares.

  1. Each sheet of paper will create one section, similar to this image, of a 6-sided 3-D ornament. design section
  2. Start with a square piece of paper. You may use any size of paper as long as all 6 sections are the same size. 3 d patterns step 1
  3. Fold the square diagonally along the middle to form a triangle. 3 d patterns step 2
  4. Fold this triangle again along the middle into a smaller triangle. 3 d patterns step 3
  5. Cut diagonal slits along the single folded side. 3 d patterns step 4
  6. Unfold carefully and you will see a pattern of diamonds cut into the paper. 3 d patterns step 5
  7. Connect the points by folding matching sides and gluing, stapling or taping them together first set of points to the left, second set of points to the right. 3 d patterns step 6