3 Side Folding Snowflakes

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Folding Triangle Shape Patternstriple sided flakes

3-Sided, triangular shaped snow crystals can appear with the same weather conditions that produce 6 sided, hexagonal shaped snowflakes. The most common snow crystal shape is the 6 sided hexagon. The hexagon is a polygon with six edges and six vertices. The hexagon is a primary natural shape that can be seen in honey combs of bees. Just as with squares and equilateral triangles, regular hexagons can fit tightly together without showing any gaps. Snowflake patterns are paper cut-out shapes which are not only fun to make but useful to help introduce math concepts to children.

These 3-Sided, triangular snowflakes, like the 12 sided variety, are a mystery to science. Here is a close-up set of photographs showing three sided snowflakes. Here's another three sided snowflake that is featured right here on this page. Can you find it? (hint look for #730). Design your own triple sided work of art with blank templates, the same ones that I use when I need to sketch out my own masterpieces.

3 Sided Snowflakes

Print these patterns on regular or colored paper. Use sharp scissors. For intricate patterns use small cuticle scissors.