4 sided Outlined Snowflakes

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4 Sided Outlines

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four sided color book doiliesColorbook 4-Sided Doily Snowflakes

Nature doesn't make four sided objects. The prime shape always defaults to hexagonal form much like a honeycomb in a bee hive. Four (and eight) sided symmetrical snowflakes can be better described as "doily" patterns. Four and eight sided snow flakes are the easiest for children to master because of the simplicity of the folds, which explains the popularity of the 4 sided style. These snowflake patterns are derived from the fold and cut patterns.

The indigenous population of the Hawaiian islands made 4 sided snowflake designs to commemorate weddings and other special occasions by pounding the bark of the Wauke (Mulberry) tree into a fabric on which they could print geometric and snowflake designs. These quilts are almost always made with just two contrasting colors and make beautiful two-color quilts and wall-hanging. Doily flakes are popular shapes, geometric and easy for little hands to master the cutting and folding aspects of the crafts.

These easy coloring book formatted snowflakes are perfect for very young children and those who cannot use scissors but want to enjoy creating beautiful ornaments and decorations for the holidays.

Doily Coloring Book Pattern Crafts for Children

Outlined, finished snowflake shapes for children can also be used for personal hobby project patterns for crochet, embroidery, latch-hook rugs, wood work, stencil and more.