Square Shape Snow Flower Templates

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Four Sided Pat's Paper Snowflakes TM Templates

You can easily use our Snowflake Stencil patterns to make spectacular Polish Gwiazdy designs. Gwiazdy is an art form where the folded flake has eight sides. Gwiazdy is Polish for "stars." This style of paper cutting is from the Kurpie and Lowicz regions of Poland.

Square 4 and 8 sided snow flake shapes are the easiest for children to learn. Most four sided flakes have simple folds and cuts that little, unskilled hands should easily be able to master. Use these 4-sided snowflake stencil shapes as patterns for creating hand-made and unique gifts such as: wooden snowflake ornaments, foam snowflakes, crochet snowflakes, embroidered snowflakes, latch hook rugs and other snowflake needlework projects.

These stencil snowflake patterns are outlined versions of the 4-sided, folding snowflake patterns.

4 Sided Snowflake Doily Pattern Stencils

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