Make a Family Tree the Easy Way

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Precolored Easiest Family Tree Charts

and Name Tags

These cute little pre-colored egg people can also be applied to class projects for children's social studies projects too.  make a family tree with pod peopleDoes your child know where they are in the family structure? These easy to understand, family tree charts, tools and diagrams can help catalog the family structure. Your child will love learning about their genealogical history.

Print the charts as large as possible on heavy-duty paper. Cut out the extra people shapes then paste them in the appropriate places in the family hierarchy.  For ideas on period costumes for designing your own egg people from the blank egg template refer to the Folk Costumes links Folk Costumes Wikipedia

Easy Family Egg Pods 

Check the Pod People for different costumes for world cultures.  I initially placed the pod egg people on this page but soon realized the pod people would fill out the family tree page and crowd out charts and forms, so I moved them all to this page and will soon be adding lots more pods.

Family tree charts are great tools for helping children visualize the family structure which may provide comfort by giving children structure and comfort about familial connections.

Label the people shapes " Mother, Father, sister, brother" etc., then add color coded, self-adhesive stickers such as stars, hearts and other shapes to designate status in the family.

Decorate the ancestry diagram with markers or Crayons for an extremely rewarding and educational project for children. Give them a memory they will treasure for a lifetime.