Folding Animal Snowflake Child Crafts

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Fold Snowflake Critters


Making snowflakes with specific shapes in mind, like these animal designs, takes a little pre-planning and a bit of light pencil work. I'm sure there exist people who can totally envision entire civilizations while clipping perfect snowflake renditions of the Roman Colosseum. I'm not one of them.  These animal designs might inspire the artist to try their hand at creating a unique animal, bird or insect snowflake. To design your own animal try printing one of the blank templates to sketch out a favorite creature or character before submitting the design to scissors.


Folding Snow Flake Animal

To design your own animal try printing one of the blank templates to sketch out a favorite creature or character in the triangle space or square if you are using the 4-sided template.  Use a pencil and lightly sketch your animal, bird or other creature, until you see a good pattern then outline the shape and erase all the lighter pencil marks.

 Animal Cut Patterns