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pysanky peacock

Peacocks or Peafowl

Probably just like everybody else, I think the peacock is the prettiest bird in existence.  When I was a child I loved to go to the park and try to find those long tail feathers that the males would sometimes pluck out or simply lose through molting. 

Peacocks or Peafowl are members of the pheasant family, Phasianidae.  There are two species of Peacock which live in Asia and Africa.  Male Peafowl are easily recognized for their brilliant tail feathers which fan out into a rainbow of colors when the male is trying to impress a female (peahen) during courtship. Female peahens are colored grey or brown.  Baby peacocks are called Peachicks. Baby chicks  coloring ranges from yellow, tan and light ivory shades. 

Pheasants exist worldwide in feral (wild) populations and in farms where they are raised for eggs, meat and feathers. Most familiar birds of the pheasant species are the Common Pleasant and Golden Pheasant. Pheasants diet consists of seeds and insects. Brightly colored male pheasants have wattles on their beaks and sport long tails. Females are plainly colored with shorter tail feathers. '