Mind Map Critical Thinking

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Mind Maps and Brain Sparks

Focus, Focus, Focus


Everything we do begins and ends with the brain whether it's as simple a task as reaction to the sudden heat of a flame, noise or as inticate as making a plan to buy a house or decide upon a career field, the brain drain is hard at work.


The Brain in a Jar philosophy says a brain in a vat would give and receive exactly the same impulses as if it were in a skull, therefore it is impossible for a person to know whether their own brain resides inside a skull or a vat. This fits quite nicely in my existential crackpot theory that mere humans are simply thought bubbles in the brains of giant beings for which we provide dreams and other entertainment. It could happen.


We all think in 3-D - that is our brain - the pinkish greyblob of virtual 'cloud' of thoughts & synapsis contained inside a protective skull.  The human brain is the ultimate organic computer complete with fuzzy logic and for some ludicrous reason strives to become more androidish, controlled, puppet-like...while Pinncochio, the wooden puppet, or Data, longed to experience emotional freedom to become human.  I think the late, great Bugs Bunny might observe..."Ironic, ain't it?"


Mind in a Jar Brain Map Images

Words are like viruses of the mindin that a single word can trigger multiple related words as the brain translates each word for definition, meaning which in turn trigger more words until the brain selects the appropriate choice.  For most humans, this brain activity occurs so rapidly it seems instant, less than the thought about a blink of an eye.  


Mind Mapping is a fascinating method for gathering thoughts naturally.  The term Mind Map was coined by Tony Buzan.  Mind maps consist of drawings created from a single point then expanded as words (mind viruses) collect or gather as memories, ideas, hopes, dreams and prayers in an odd-looking science-fictiony crawling eyeball, spider web diagrams, rivers with tributaries, creeks and streams, as well as neural networks.


word associationsThis focus point of a mind map consist of a main idea, concept, image or word from which to build upon as memories and ideas trigger connections within the brain to more ideas associated with the subject or topic until a network of ideas flow on the page.  

The result is a fantastic visual network of illustrations and ideas based upon the natural thought process of the brain.  Three Dimensional Thinking, or Critical Thinking.  


Search the Internet "image" for Mind Maps.  You will see a wide variety of designs people have created and shared how they use mind maps to write stories, reports, make presentations, and so much more the list would be endless. 


As I learn more about multi-dimensional thinking I try to illustrate the concepts as I progress.  I am a visual learner and appreciate a good visual aid and don't mind sharing as I grow which could help other visual learners...  These beginning level mind mapping images for children might help introduce the brain jar mapping concepts in an entertaining manner.

I'll update periodically when the mind strikes. 




fear map doggieth"Brain On Fear" is a speach I wrote for my Toastmasters CLub to help quell public speaking fears among new members.  Perhaps others can find it useful as well.