Silly Cars

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racing horse car

Funny Cars

I can't decide whether these silly images belong in the creative corner or in the crazy inventions and tools section. They aren't real cars, so they aren't actually an invention but where would else a person look for crazy animal cars on wheels? So, I put them here along with inventions because that's where my warped brain said it would be more logical.

What child wouldn't want to color a cool 4-wheel drive passenger frog, a wheeled donut, a go-cart Orca-mobile or a rhinocerous roadster racing on round rollers?

Color Book Racers


Virtually any subject can become a two wheeled crazy critter. Have fun with your child and encourage the imaginative process. Draw two circles and have them design a creature, or a house or a shoe on wheels. There probably isn't a great deal of use for these silly images, but fun is always a good excuse for creative playtime, plus it could be a good opportunity to discuss the invention of the wheel.

A good scroll saw artist could make some cute animal cars for their children or as gifts.