Día de los Muertos - Skeleton Fun

Day of the Dead - Día de los Muertos

skeleton puppetNovember 2nd, the Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de los Muertos) or All Souls´ Day is happy and colorful celebration and Mexico's most important religious holiday. On this day it is believed that dead relatives return from their resting places to visit their loved ones. Families visit cemeteries and churches bringing with them with flowers, candles, and prayer to reinforce the solidarity between living and dead persons.

Origins of the holiday date back to Aztec festivals dedicated to the goddess Mictecacihuatl who watches over the bones of the dead.  Check out these color book masks to complete your festival plans:

Death head masks are usually decorated with bright colors and fantastic designs. Calaveras are colorfully decorated sugar skulls that are made both to adorn altars and to be eaten on the Day of the Dead.

Calaca skulls and skeletons wear festive clothing with flowery hats decorated with marigold flowers and foliage and are usually shown, dancing, and playing musical instruments.

Color Book Skeletons

Color and cut out the skeleton parts and make marionettes to hang in the breeze on Halloween night. Paste onto cardboard or print on card stock. Make holes with a hole punch to string the parts together..