Winter Weather Classroom Activities

Make Snowflakes in the Classroom

fancy flakes

There is one thing I loved about bad weather, as a child, for some reason a good rain or snow storm always seemed to captivated and transform the teacher's mood into a state of merrymaking and entertainment, although it's possible they were just trying to make up for lack of recess. Whatever the reason, a good rain or snowstorm always brought out the movies, color books and team building games between teams of children.

Is it any wonder that I look forward to bad weather with such anticipation? These color book illustrations provide perfect entertaining activities for young and old alike. Not everyone can or should use scissors or sharp objects. These printables give those individuals the opportunity to join in the festivities with zeal equal to those physically snip, snip, snipping away on simple to intricate snow flake patterns.



Make Perfect Snowflakes

No Need for Sharp Scissors, these First Step patterns are intended primarily for absolute beginners. They cover straight cuts and simple circle or curves a youngster can easily master.

Color book snowflakes can be printed on regular or tinted paper. Trace the outlines onto multi-colored foam sheets to make soft sided snowflake ornaments. Make blizzards of colorful snowflake designs and color with crayons or markers. Other ideas include, tracing the designs onto aluminum foil, or print on decorative gift wrap to create unique and colorful Christmas and winter holiday trim and ornamentation.

Outlined, finished snowflake shapes can be easily applied to be used as patterns for crochet, embroidery, wood work, stencil and other personal art projects. Trace the snowflake designs onto rug canvases to make snowflake latch hook rugs. Hang snowflake designs anywhere and everywhere for the holiday season.


Moderate to Advanced Patterns

These snowflake outlines are derived from the easy to extremely difficult folding patterns many of which were based upon photographs of actual, natural snowflake, along with hundreds of beautiful, whimsical designs.