Animal, Vegetable, Virtual or Mineral


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Snowflakes Everywhere

Animal, Vegetable, Virtual or MineralA real Snowflake is not just one fluffy white ice crystal, but a cluster of thousands of tiny ice crystals that form into a snow flake and fall collectively from a cloud. However, if we look around us we can see snowflakes can take many different shapes.

Different types of snowflakes we can create can be animal, vegetable or mineral.

The symmetrical design of a snowflake pattern can be very useful in creating database design. The Snowflake Physical Data Model is named such because it has many levels radiating outwards which resembles a snowflake. Snowflake Designs are used to support Data Warehouses or Data Marts. These designs are characterised by a central Table, which hold "facts," and have multi-level "dimension" tables radiating outwards.

Snowflakes of all Types and Styles