Doll Puppet Patterns

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snowflake hand puppet

Color Book Dolls

Print these patterns as large as possible and trace onto fabric. Color the features with child-safe fabric dye pencils or embroider the features with colorful thread. Stuff with high-quality fiber fill where needed or fill with plastic or glass beads. (but not if the toys are intended for young children.

The doll patterns are provided in very large format for printing. I've never made anything with these patterns but these images have been available for a long time on ScissorCraft with no complaints or comments whether they work or not, and I make the assumption that anyone interested already has a working knowledge of sewing and using patterns - so as the ever optimist, I assume the patterns are all good and everyone is happy.

Doll patterns are for personal use only, commercial use expressly denied.

Color Book Snowflake Doll Crafts

Print these Scissor Craft patterns, front and back as large as necessary. If you have access to a plotter printer you can make the pattern very large, otherwise regiular letter or legal-size paper will do. You can also chunk the pattern up to print pieces of the images on paper and piece together on the fabric.

NOTE: These doll pattern images (front and back) are very large so you will have to adjust your printer settings to obtain the entire pattern. This is intentional so people can get the highest quality print is they use plotter printers. Print as large as possible and trace the patterns onto white fabric. Color the features with child-safe fabric dye pencils or embroider the features with colorful thread.


Also, I've often thought that the legs of the star costume aren't necessary and would probably be more a nusance, so If it were me making the costume (which I never have) I would lop off the leg section.