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black cat and flying witchSometimes I think if it weren't for spooky irridescent cat-eyes glowing in the darkness there wouldn't be a need for a Halloween festival. We think nothing of talking to our cats now but at times in history people have viewed those who talked to their animals with suspicion and fear, often persecuting innocent people and animals out of fear and superstition.

The superstition about black cats being good or bad luck depends upon which culture you visit. Black cats are seen as symbols of good luck in Great Britain, Japan and Ireland. In Scotland stray or visiting black cats are thought to bring prosperity. As with any good old-fashioned superstition there are rules and qualifiers to the rules. For instance if a black cat crosses in front of a person's path from right to left it's a sign of bad luck to come but if that same cat crosses the walkway from left to right then good times will follow. As history shows, the only change in quality of life one may experience by harming a cat just because it had the misfortune of being born of one color or another will be the rapid increase of vermin...mouse and rat populations accompanied with all the diseases rodents carry as they scurry around tainting our food supplies with urine, feces and fleas. In other words, cats, black or otherwise, (or any animals for that matter) don't have any effect on good or bad luck whatsoever.

Kitty Cats for Halloween Fun