Easy to Understand Folding Snow Flake Patterns

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First Step Fold

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Snow Flower Patterns For Beginners

Very Basic First Step Snow Flowers

Easy to understand folding patterns for absolute beginner first step, very basic designs intended for preschool age children and people with special needs who cannot use scissors or knives.

Most of these patterns are designed with two or three basic cut shape (circle, square, triangle) which beginners should be able to master fairly quickly.

Three formats:

Refer to the links below to navigate to each format 2, 3, 4 and 6 sided patterns.


Easy Snowflake Folding Patterns for Absolute Beginners

Use the concept of different types of folds for similar patterns to help the child visualize the different results that are obtained.

Easy Snowflake First Step Color Book e-Flake Patterns

These color book snowflakes are perfect for very young children and people who cannot cut out the folding snowflake patterns or handle scissors or sharp knives. The patterns also can easily be applied to all sorts of craft mediums.

Use these images as patterns to make cloth ornaments for the Christmas tree. It would be so cool to see these applied to soft, stuffed ornaments by someone out there (just don't sell them please). I can see really pretty Chrismon style ornaments of white and gold shimmering in the light of a warm fireplace. Make foam snowflake ornaments by tracing these designs onto colorful foam sheets.

Print and color with crayons or magic markers and apply a little lemon oil to one side of the paper. This gives the image a stained glass effect. Cut out and hang in the window as a beautiful suncatcher.

Stencil Snow Flakes from Easy Patterns

Use these simple completed snowflake stencil design as a pattern for snowflake ornaments, scrollsaw woodworking projects, crochet, embroidery, latch hook rug making, snowflake needlework or other craft projects.

Stencils for personal and non-profit woodwork, embroidery and art projects. Great for glass etching projects too.

First Step Completed Snowflake Stencils

When I started making patterns for this web site, over a decade ago, I concentrated on some fairly complex, complicated designs, many of which I could never have cut out in a million years. Not because they are impossible, but because I just wouldn't have the patience.

To make this long story shorter, I decided a while ago to make these extremely simple designs that even I can master on a good day :-)

I believe these simple shapes can help the most basic beginner grasp the concepts of folding patterns and symmetrical designs.