Patterns for Decorating Cookies and Houses

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Tricks, Tips, Uses & Ideas

candy cane shaped cookiePrintable paper pattern shapes for making gingerbread houses and cookies.

Make and decorate oversized gingerbread cookies for any season, occasion, event or holiday with these shapes. Roll out the cookie dough as usual. Print these pages and then lay each sheet over the dough. Use a toothpick or clean, sharp object to lightly trace the pattern into the dough. Remove the paper and carefully cut out the design with a knife. Save excess dough to roll out again for more cookies until there is no more dough.

Decorating Cookies and Houses

  • press and flatten large marshmallows to create flat snow roof shingles or gravestones
  • Use tootsie rolls for logs and totem poles Candy Mini Tootsie Rolls
  • Mini-marshmallows, white marshmallow cream or cotton candy to create snow drifts
  • Upside-down sugar ice cream cones for making trees and shrubs
  • Use flat wafer type cookies for shingles, siding, building bricks or fences
  • Pretzels with wall pane pattern for small windows
  • seasonal Marshmallow Peep shapes: ghosts, pumpkins, chicks, Christmas trees, hearts
  • broken bits of flat candies make great mosaic patterns
  • Food coloring pens can write on many candy surfaces and the food coloring "ink" is safe to consume. Some brands have both fine and broad tipped pen tips.
  • theme: use pink and white candies, sprinkle, frostings and other white and pink colored treats to make a Breast Cancer Awareness house
  • Add green food coloring to shredded Coconut for grass. Seal the coconut in a zip-lock bag with the food coloring and shake until till the coconut is the desired tint
  • chocolate cookie crumbs for dirt
  • Fruit rollups or gelatin sheets for pathways and glazed walls
  • Cinnamon Sticks, tootsie rolls and pretzels for woodpiles
  • Make haystacks or thatched roofs with shredded wheat
  • mini shredded wheats make interesting roof tiles. Frosted miniwheats for snow covered rooftop.
  • Chocolate or Candy coated raisins and seeds -
  • Crumble Lifesaver candies and fill window holes in the cookie dough before baking to create stained glass windows
  • Cut sticks of chewing gum into square roofing tiles
  • Sheets of Nori (sea weed wraps) for grass effects
  • Mold taffy candy into vines, vegetables and other custom shapes
  • Sprinkle granulated sugar (white or colored)

Gingerbread Ornament Cookie Coloring