Thomas Bartholin Robert Hooke Characterizations

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Thomas Bartholin/Robert Hooke
Snowflake Illustrators

Historic  Snowflakes

In the year 1665, English Polymath Robert Hooke published "Micrographia" which contained many images which could be viewed through the newly invented Microscope. He was the first person to apply the word "cell" to biological objects.

These caricatured snowflakes were originally characterized by Danish Anatomist, Thomas Bartholin, and published in "De Nivus usu Medico Observationes Variae of 1661".

Hooke was a brilliant demonstrator for the Royal Society in the late 1600's but his work on snowflakes in his "Micrographia" published in the year 1664, were a mixture of his own accurate illustrations of snowflakes and plagiarized, or recycled images from Thomas Bartholin's previous work.

Among these images are these snowflake illustrations presented in enlarged format for children to print and color.

Enlarged Images of Snowflake Crystals

Teachers may use these images to teach children about the history of snowflake exploration and to introduce snowflake science and snowflake illustration.