Snowflake Crystals Illustrated by Olaus Magnus


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Snowflake Explorer: Olaus Magnus

Olaus Magnus snowflake explorer

Considered the first historian of arctic regions, in 1555 Archbishop of Uppsala, Olaus Magnus illustrated twenty-three different types of snow-crystals. His designs were unusual in that the snowflakes were in the form of bells, hands, arrows, eyes, crescent, etc. There were no magnifying glasses then so he used his vivid imagination to speculate how these tiny ice crystals might appear. 

View a screen shot of the Woodcut by Olaus Magnus taken from an article by F. Eijgenraam NRC Handelsblad (14 Feb. 1991) (on page 8 of a very large pdf file)

Teachers may use these images to teach children about the history of snowflake exploration and to introduce snowflake science and snowflake illustration.

Crystals Illustrated by Olaus Magnus