Equine Horse Pony Color Book

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Equines, Pony and Carousel Horses

carousel horse trottingthHorses are large, solid-hoofed, herbivorous quadrupeds. The scientific term is "Equus caballus". Horses have been domesticated since the dawn of times, back in prehistoric times. here are many variety or breeds of horses. Some are used for carrying or pulling loads, others are prized for riding, or racing. When I was 6 years old my family lived next door to a farm that had a palomino pony named "Babe". I used to love petting Babe's soft muzzle and feeding her the sweet grass and flowers that were just out of her reach outside the fence of her pasture.

She was the first horse that I'd ever had the experience of riding upon. Generally Babe was a sweet-natured animal, until you climbed on her back.

Oh she didn't buck or fight the rider, she was smarter than that. But she never missed an opportunity to rub her side against fence posts and other objects to attempt to scrape my legs. Another childhood experience was as a teen I rode a Shetland Pony...until it broke out in a little Shetland pony trot which then bounced me right off his back and into the drainage ditch that lined the roadway. Honestly, you haven't really lived until you experience the angst, helpless, and hilarious humiliation of a teenager bouncing off the bareback of a miniature sawbuck while all friends are watching.

My best memories are not with the live variety. I used to love it when my parents would take us to the park where we could climb aboard the carousel merry-go-round. My favorite flying horse was the black bucking bronco, which I considered a coveted prize to be won since it was also the favorite steed of choice of many other children. This was probably due to the popularity of the book and subsequent movie, Black Beauty, which was produced around that time. Little did I know I was probably witnessing and participating in the marketing to kids...can we say "social conditioning?"

Horses, Ponies and Carousel Horse Images