Merry Go Round Snowflakes

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Merry-Go-Round Outlines

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Children Holding Hands Paper Doll Snowflakes4-Sided Snowflakes Children Holding Hands

What could be more natural than a snowflake of children holding hands. These color book patterns can be used to promote togetherness in groups, child clubs as well as to teach math symmetry.

4 sided color book patterns are called "doilies." Hawaiian snowflakes are great examples ways to apply four sided doily flakes to popular gift and craft items such as quilts. Hawaiian quilts are historic patterns that originated in Hawaiian Islanders legends and history.

Use these cute holding hands designs to create your own, unique snowflake two-color quilts and wall-hangings Hawaiian style. This might be a fun project for child group activities to promote unity and friendship, comradery and trusting relationships. Make snowflake quilts or paper craft patchwork wall hangings with multiple colors of construction paper. These simple holding hands design might also make great tiles for latch-hook rug patchwork quilts for the floor.

Merry Go Round Snowflakes