Frosty Miniflake Index Child Craft Snowflake Patterns

Frosty Miniflakes

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Frosty Miniflakes TM - Little Snowflake Ornaments Frosty Miniflakes - Little Snowflake Ornaments

Frosty MiniFlakes make grrrrreat educational paper craft projects for youngsters. These mini snowflake patterns are small sized perfect for tiny hands with little fingers holding small scissors. Each easy pattern produces either a three inch or 4 inch snowflake ornament. Mix these small patterns with regular sized designs to create a virtual indoor winter wonderland or blizzard of white or colored snow flakes in the home, school or office cubicle. 3" and 4" snowflakes are super easy to cut. No two mini snowflakes are exactly alike (unless you go to the regular sized patterns of course).

Use Frosty Miniflake instructions for all Miniflake patterns. Print a copy of the instructions to refer to while teaching children the different fold styles. The kids can compare their folds for accuracy with the corresponding pattern for the particular style on the instructions sheet.

2 Sided Patterns For Beginners (below)

2 sided mini flake patterns are the easiest for beginners. Start with these patterns then gradually introduce the more complicated designs later.