Hawaiian Quilt Style Frosty Miniflakes

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Frosty Miniflakes

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Frosty Miniflakes Hawaiian Sets

miniflakes tropical

Frosty Hawaiian MiniFlakes TM make very easy craft projects. Frosty Miniflakes are perfect matches for little fingers and small scissors. Hawaiian snowflakes? Before the first contact with Western people, the Hawaiians made a type of quilt called a Kapa, which was made by pounding the bark of the Wauke (Mulberry) tree into a fabric on which they could print geometric and snowflake designs.

The Islanders applied these ideas and used their natural surroundings as inspiration. You will find the trees, native birds, animals and flowers in most Hawaiian snowflake quilt designs. For more Hawaiian snowflake patterns, tikis and colorbook images visit Hawaiian Snowflakes for Children.

Hawaiian Miniflakes 3"/4" Patterns

Instructions for all Miniflake patterns.