Monstrous Brutes Pumpkins

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Hellions and Barbarians from The Underworld

beastly monsterFrankenstein doesn't hold a candle to these creepy monstrous beasts, get it...candle..jack o'lantern...punkin? OK, bad joke that I should probably add to the jokes and puns page.

From the man-eating pumpkins to the crazy bogeyman these monsters are guaranteed to chill any marauding ghoul all the way down to the bone, or sheet, or whatever it is that the walking dead spirits use to become visible to we who have not yet shuffled off this mortal coil.

Beastly Demonic Monsters Carving Stencils


Take charge and show those visiting ghouls and goblins who is king of the mountain by greeting all visitors with glaring and glowering faces that look so utterly terrifying you just might end up with candy leftovers this year.