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Paper Snowflake Craft Patterns Established 10/31/2000

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Paper Snowflake Heaven

cut paper snowflakes all shapes and sizes

If you've never thought of paper snowflakes as important or relevant, get ready to have your mind blown. These aren't your old grandfather's simple fold and cut from a napkin snow crystal pretties. Kids and adults color books & crafts, this web site is a virtual encyclopedia of crystal patterns ranging from simple one or two cut designs for total beginners to creations that are virtually impossible to apply scissors or knives to craft.


Mark your calendar:

December 27 is Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day

001 stereo snowflakes

  • Simple for beginners - designs with easy folds and cut lines
  • Four sided doilies - basic square folds, but not true snowflake shapes
  • Math based - fun patterns using basic triangle, square and circle shapes
  • Forget me Not - special flakes for commemorative events or personal memories
  • Festive - holiday theme flakes
  • Intricate - hard to cut patterns
  • Fancy flakes - delicate flowery designs
  • ...and so much more


Concepts of Mathematical Symmetry

Children can easily learn concepts of mathematical symmetry with paper folding techniques while creating hand crafted snow flower treasures for holidays. Yes, snow flowers. Before the invention of the microscope, no one really knew what snowflakes actually looked like, so the assumption was by many scientists and regular folk that the fluffy ice crystals falling all around were actually ice flowers.


At the first sign of snow season skill saw craft and hobby enthusiasts everywhere will take saw in hand and churn out endless supplies of wooden snow flake ornaments and lawn decorations to welcome the cold blanket soon to cover the land with nature's icy beauty.


Natures gift Educational Symmetrical Snowflakes


While you work feverishly to cut your perfect paper pretty, you can envision fluffy white crystals hanging from the ceiling rafters drifting in the household air currents or dangling in sun-filled winter windows this Christmas and winter season. Make blizzards or blankets of perfect snowflake keepsakes in less than 10 easy steps with easy to understand instructions.


Create virtual winter cornucopias of festive holiday tree decorations while enjoying traditional and educational family oriented craft activities. Transform the office, classroom, Sunday school classroom, daycare center or home into a winter wonderland of crystalline castles and adventurous fun.


Hang paper cutouts from the ceiling or plaster the windows with mixtures of both colorful and white symbols of falling snow to bring joyful cheer into the room during the cold and dreary winter days. These craft activities may be of use to librarians, parents, teachers, care givers and children of all ages worldwide.


Snowflake decorations are everywhere from stores to holiday gift baskets, Craft & Hobby Supplies and folk art to pottery and colorful fabrics. During the holidays, homes, offices businesses and hotels all have one thing in common, snowflake displays in windows, hanging from the ceilings. Ceramic tiles are often stamped with designs. Snow flower decorations are also woven into rugs and carpets of hotel lobbies and corporate office cubicles and other locations where you can to further the education of a budding young scientist.



fancy flakes

white cedar

A few years ago I added historic snowflakes by enlarging tiny drawings of designs made by arctic explorers when the first microscopes were made available and other images drawn by people who guessed what these tiny crystals looked like before magnification was possible. The research was fascinating and I was surprised to learn that mentions of tiny hexagonal crystals date back many centuries, originating in China.