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Snowflake Patterns to Fold and Cut

Snowflake Patterns to Fold and Cut

Adorn your Solstice tree with an avalanche of snow white or colorful scherrenschnitte, paper snow flake ornaments. Transform your abode, office cubicle or mountaintop chalet into a winter wonderland. These snowflake patterns are perfect for making tons of ornaments and decorations for your Yule tide and winter holiday season festivities. Creating snow flakes in paper form is an art form that can be a simple and basic craft activity for youngsters and beginners or as imaginative and fantastic as a fine art display.

Easy to Make Snowflake Decorations

Make Perfect Paper Snowflakes

For really wild and decorative snowflakes, print the patterns on flat sheets of colorful gift wrap background images with hundreds of colorful printables perfect for the job.

Most of these designs are easy to cut out with child-sized scissors. Many were patterned using historic photographs of actual snowflakes. A few designs are virtually impossible to cut out and will require X-Acto knives or other scecialized tools.

Many of the natural looking paper snowflake patterns were inspired by Wilson Bentley, "The Snowflake Man" photographs as guides. These images are on display in The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration!

Snowflakes come in more than just the 6-sided variety but you probably have figured that out already if you've spent any time on this site ;-) Click to learn more about the Science of Snow and Ice Crystal formation.