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Pop-Up Snowflake Cards

pop up cards

Pop up cards are always fun to play with and a real crowd pleaser. These images are my attempt to provide a few of my snowflake designs in popupable format (popupable is probably not a real word, by the way). Print on white or colored cardstock and cut out carefully with a sharp X-Acto knife.

Write a personal message and fold the card so that when the receiver opens it the snowflake will pop up to suprise the holder of the card.

These patterns may require adult supervision as they must be cut out carefully using a razor or X-Acto knife. Print each design on 8 1/2" x 11" card stock.

As with everything else these days, I am positive there exist endless supplies of ready-made kits complete with perforated lines to allow children to quickly and easily form a pop up card, and you may call me old-fashioned, and a fuddy-duddy if you will, but me and my soapbox thinks it is important that children learn how stuff is made and how stuff works rather than just buy something that allows the child to bypass the educational value of the craft.

I've got a few more pop up card printables in PaperValentines that might also interest younger children as well.

Make Personalized PopUp Snowflake Greeting Cards