Patriotic USA Snowflake Flags


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Celebrate Independence Day


When I was a teenager (a hundred years ago), my art class instructor gave us all the assignment of making and decorating a paper maché balloon character. My balloon character looked almost exactly like the patriotic grape shown on this page. We were told they were destined for table decorations at a parent/teacher affair. The teacher loved it. Little did I know I was never to see my little creature again.

After a few days all the balloon creatures were returned to us, except mine. Teacher told me that it just disappeared and no one saw who took it. Imagine my suprise when Goofy Grape came out soon after. Coincidence...maybe, but knowing now how much interplay schools have with the design industry, it has crossed my mind...I'm just sayin, is all.

It was an enriching experience researching for this little section of patriotic images. I learned that the great American Bald Eagle is America's symbol of freedom and pride, and the national bird of United States.

Considered a symbol of feminism and women's economic strength, Rosie the Riveter represents the American female factory workers who filled in for the men while they were away during World War II.

Patriotic Holidays and Celebrations

The "Join or Die" political cartoon was created by Benjamin Franklin and appeared in his Pennsylvania Gazette publication on May 9, 1754. These are simple, but important things to know about our history. Some of the facts I must admit, I had probably learned as a child but forgot with age and events. Just proves the old adage, you're never too old to learn.