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PatrioFlake Country

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Color Book  PatrioFlakes of Country Flags of the WorldColor Book  PatrioFlakes of Country Flags of the World

I think I sifted through at least 5 flag books and hundreds of flag websites to compile this little collection of world country patrioflakes. Even though one would think that all countries, states, cities and counties would have unique and "official" flag designs, (and they do) but it seems there are many different versions of the same flags depending upon the artist.

Most importantly, I had to be sure to find the correct version upon which to base these fun flag banners and pennants. While I feverishly illustrated and published these patrioflakes, people from different states and countries would contact me to request that their flag be included in the collections. Believe me when I say, it was a real joy to provide these silly little patrio flakes to the world.

Create a patrioflake of your particular or favorite flag. I use the 4013 merry go round image as my snowflake template but any plain, not too fancy of a snowflake will suffice. If a government agency illustrated the flag because usually the banner contains an image of the state or county seal. The seals can usually be located in a greatly enlarged format and if you can get your hands on one just use your art program to layer the snowflake over the flag design or seal and cut out all the parts. Sounds complicated...it really isn't.

Just yesterday a friend sent me a link to this absolutely fun and entertaining video "Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth". I just love this sort of stuff! Not sure human kind is capable of achieving world peace. Frankly, all you have to do is watch Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown to see the falacy of the theory of peaceful coexistence between peoples, but lofty goals are necessary if we are to progress in that direction. I think this dance video and others like it which promote unity, as opposed to those forces constantly highlighting our differences, are the key to such progress.

Flags for World Countries, Territories & Provinces