Snowflake Flags with Religious Themes

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Faith Snowflake Patrioflake Flags

While researching flags for patrioflakes, I noticed that many state flags have overt religious messages ingrained into their flags. The flag of Louisiana carries an image of a pelican mother bleeding from the chest with three chicks hungrily waiting to consume her blood. Sounds gruesome to be sure. This symbolic imagery has its roots in pre-christian history when, in a time of famine the Pelican Mother sacrificed her life by piercing her own body to provide food for her offspring.


Many state and country flags have religious symbolism in the design, some overt, others somewhat obscure. The state flag of New Mexico features the Zia symbol, an ancient symbol Pueblo tribes used to depict the sun, an object of worship dating back to antiquity. The flag of Hawaii incorporates the Union Jack, the flag of the United Kingdom. The Union Jack is a design with the Cross of Saint Andrew incorporated with the Cross of Saint Patrick (as seen in Florida's flag), all superimposed over the Cross of Saint George (seen in the background of the Alabama flag).


Print on white paper and color, or find pre-printed patriotic wrapping paper, patriotic napkins, table cloths or patriotic paper plates to fold and cut great PatrioFlakes.

It is easy to create a patrioflake of your particular or favorite flag. I use the 4013 merry go round image as my snowflake template but any plain, not too fancy of a snowflake will suffice. If a government agency illustrated the flag because usually the banner contains an image of the state or county seal. The seals can usually be located in a greatly enlarged format and if you can get your hands on one just use your art program to layer the snowflake over the flag design or seal and cut out all the parts. Sound complicated but it really isn't.