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snowflake quiz

Snowflake Animal Fun Quiz

What features do Albino animals share?

a) Sun reflections make them white
b) They have white fur, skin, feathers or quills
c) They are made out of snow
d) They are snowflakes

Why are Appaloosa horses called "Snowflake"?

a) They can run in the snow
b) Snowflake horses are all white
c) Because of their white-spotted coats
d) They fall from clouds

What word is used to describe all-white animals?=

a) Rhino
b) Albino
c) Carnivorous
d) Elifiknow

What special characteristics identify Albino animals?

a) Pink noses
b) They usually have white skin and hair and their eyes are pink with deep-red pupils
c) Pink toes
d) Their parents are albino

Which two of these animals live in water?

a) Horse and Hedgehog
b) Cat and Aligator
c) Eel and Alligator
d) Bunny and Dog
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