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Snowflake Concentration Game for children

Snowflake Concentration

This Snowflake concentration javascript game was adapted using a concentration script available from a trustworthy script library on the Internet. I've used them here for many years with no complaints :-)

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to develop some pretty good forms, charts and graphs for my own personal use that I thought others could use as well.  We love to play triple Yahtzee but the score cards are getting scarce and frankly hard to read with these over 40 eyeballs, so I created a couple of large print scorecards for scrabble and Yahtzee.

Excellent oversize game scorecard sheets – you won’t need reading glasses to play cards anymore (unless you have really tiny playing cards, that is ;-)

Javascript Game - Snowflake concentration

Let's put those Snowflake images to work with this unusual Snowflake concentration Game.

Click on the boxes until you find a matching picture.
The timer automatically starts when you click the Reset button.