Aliens From Outer Space

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Space Aliens - Humanoids - More or Less

I've always been a space-age groupie. Not quite the type to don some insanely outrageous xenomorph's alien garb with dragon wings or tentacle arms to follow the rest of the Cytoplasmic lifeforms as they herd into the lobbies of Star Trek conventions. I'm no slouch, I'm Star Trek savvy at least enough to know better than to write "To my sweet grandchild, love Grandma" in the Klingon language. (Which I almost did when giving him a gift of the Klingon Dictionary. I looked up how to write the message in Klingon...changed back to English.)

Space ships and crop circles, what more could anyone want? Crop circles are gigantic and imaginative art forms created in wheat, rye and barley fields. The artists supposedly are mysterious, strange and eerie alien visitors who arrive in the dark of night but never seem to show themselves to humans.

Space Humanoids


Crop circles (also called wheat graffiti, and alien art) can be quite impressive. New crop circle sightings can bring crowds of curious spectators, photographers, skeptics, true believers and space alien UFO-ologists to further trample and cause more damage to the farm field's crop.

Printable space and alien paper masks to print, cut out with scissors, color, and decorate with crayons, markers, glitter, feathers, yarn, colorful papers and fabrics.

Embroider or crochet the design onto pillow cases and hanker chiefs. When you're done with this section Paper Crop Circles for children is a cool way to introduce math concepts to children (and other small alien creatures) by teaching how to create chalk outline crop circles on sandy beaches, in fresh snow and other non-destructive manners. Tons of crop circles and other math based printable images for children and teachers to enjoy.

Space Alien Craft Images