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I think I started making these stencil images more for the sheer fun of seeing my beauties in living color. I'm glad I did now, because I've used so many of them for personal clip art and to make some sweet looking printable paper gift wrap background images.

The stencils may be applied to a variety of materials. I've thought about making my own plaster molds to make snowflake stepping stones or tiles. They may also serve as great patterns for personal or non-profit woodworking and other scrollsaw projects. They would make beautiful needlepoint adornments for fluffy pillows or pillowcases decorating the living room couch or day bed in a guest room.

If one has the energy, they could trace each stencil, or somehow affix the pattern to a square of latch-hook background material I can envision an awesome carpet of multi-colored snowflake. What room would this be appropriate for, I wonder? Not the bathroom, I hope. Maybe a baby's room carpet or beautiful wall hanging.

Make a blizzard of snowflakes of all different sizes, shapes and materials. Hang unique wooden snowflake ornaments alongside foam and crochet and embroidered snowflakes. They'd be great for glass etching or silk screening. Make a special set of anniversary glasses with unique, one of a kind patterns. Silk screen a snowflake onto a tee shirt or other article of clothing.

Most of the snowflake stencils are derived from cut and fold snowflake patterns.

Snowflake Stencil Design Patterns