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Scissorcraft survives solely through the kindness of strangers.

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I am here and answer every single email inquiry.  I do custom work. If you are in need of free illustrations for a particular theme, contact me. I am open for all suggestions and challenges to add value for all members of Scissorcraft.

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Schools, churches, educational and care institutions might be interested in purchasing a lifetime, neveer expiring membership to Scissorcraft collection of images and craft activities.

Scissorcraft contains thousands of unique craft activity images designed to educate and entertain.  From paper snowflake cutouts to educate about symmetry in nature to space alien invaders and their odd-looking pets.  

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I began Scissorcrafts to provide quality color book crafts to entertain and educate my own grandchildren over the years as they grew and matured. Fortunately these web sites also provided the perfect repository for all the boxes of sketches and doodles I've made and carted around for 30 years or so. To date Scissorcraft holds approximately forty thousand images specifically intended to entertain and educate children, parents, teachers and care givers.

Scissorcraft will be here and growing in content for years to come simply because I love to draw and create and will continue to do so :-)


Recent additions


I divide my time and efforts between Scissorcraft and Karma Carriers, therefore my creativity dance card is always quite full which makes me very happy.


Custom orders don't upset me.

If you have a specific need for an image to be personally illustrated please feel free to contact me. There will never be a specific charge as long as you agree the image may be shared with other paid Scissorcraft members. It is important to check back regularly to review new content. I update these images every day of the week.

I love that people find my images useful but it does bother me when people re-post, share or take images to emblazon upon marketing products for profit without including me in the decision for prior financial compensation so I implore members to show respect for my work and not repost.

From 2004 to 2015, Scissorcraft sites were supported through advertising pay per click traffic only.

I have never, ever wanted to place advertisements on my pages, but for the first few years the ads covered operating costs. However, since 2008, advertising revenue has fallen to the point where it no longer makes sense to continue.

Scissorcraft received hundreds of thousands of advertising impressions yet never seemed to measure up in the eyes of SEO.

The result is I found myself running a virtual hamster wheel trying to please unpleasable advertisers and black hat seo algorithms to provide thousands of impressions to multi-million dollar pay-per-click corporations for virtually zero compensation.

2016 is the year I decided to walk through the labyrinth. Scissorcraft can't survive by depending upon the whims of advertising moguls and I am loathed to live down to the pressures of politically correct SEO or black hat tactics.

I believe Scissorcraft images and activities are worth the visit and the cost of a very low priced subscription membership.


Note: Because once logged in with access to all my images, no refunds can be issued once paid membership activates and member logs into Scissorcraft web sites.


My Scissorcraft images are unique and personally illustrated. Some images are re-creations of ancient folk art and public domain images.