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tn five elements spirit air earth fire water180Wiccan Symbols

A while ago I took a small collection of my hand-crafted, paper mache figurines to Blossoming Path, a little shop in Old Fair Oaks to find out if they would be interested in selling my artwork consignment.

It wasn't too long afterward till I filled an entire section in their little store with figurines of cats and other critters.

Since then I've educated myself on signs and symbolism of the Wiccan religion so that my future figurines will suit the theme of the little shop, which is "fellowship and guidance" for those on a spiritual path.  While I am not on a spiritual path (that I am aware of) I have no problem helping to spread good cheer and friendship.


Wicca, is also referred to as Modern Paganism.  Wicca is a new religious movement established around the first half of the 20th century England.

The term "Wicca" is preferred by many practitioners of the faith.  Wicca utilizes ancient pagan and 20th century hermetic motifs in structure and ritual practice.


This section contains many common Wiccan symbols. 


The pentagram or 5 point star is considered a sacred symbol within the religion of Wicca and frequently worn by practicers as a pendant.