Twelve-Sided Snowflakes

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Twelve-Sided Snowflakes

12 Sides Duodecimal Snow Crystals

Twelve-sided snowflakes are rare but some snowfalls produce many of them. Twelve sided snowflakes occur along with the three sided triangle and normal six-sided hexagonal ones but scientists don't yet know which weather conditions cause them to happen.

Here are just a few examples of twelve sided patterns. These are basically six sided patterns but if you look closely the pattern is doubled top and bottom so the result will be twelve separate points to the snowflake. Once you get the hang of these designs try your skills with a twelve sided pattern of your own using the blank six sided pattern as a guide. Mix and match with other pattern sizes and types to create a virtual blizzard of paper snowflakes to brighten up the festivities over the cold winter months.

Refer to the six sided pattern instructions to cut out these particular pattern designs. For intricate patterns use small cuticle scissors.

Twelve-Sided Snowflake Folding Patterns