2-Sided First Step Color Book Snowflake Patterns for Beginners

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First Step 2 Sided OutlinesEasy 2-Sided First Step Patterns

These snowflakes are very basic designs which can be applied to any number of art projects but when I designed them I generally had absolute beginners, preschool age children and and people with special needs in mind. First Step designs are extremely simple, elementary level patterns which use very basic cutout shapes to help introduce math concepts in an entertaining manner.

Most First Step color me patterns have just two or three basic cut shape (circle, square, triangle). These simple shapes are repeated over 2, 3, 4, and 6 sided designs to demonstrate how varied results can be obtained.

The designs on this page were made from extremely simple 2-sided snow flake folding patterns. I found it amazingly fun to see some fairly complex patterns come out of just a few simple snips, and how different the end result is when applying the exact same design to 3, 4 aqnd 6 sided folds.

Snowflake Patterns for Beginners

All of the patterns have folding cut out versions as well as stencil versions. Have some fun with the educational process and give the child one of each of the 2,3,4,and 6 sided patterns so they can discover for themselves the differences.

I think, of all the patterns in Paper Snowflakes's web site, these simple little rudimentary shapes do the best job of clarifying how much difference there is to applying simple directional folds to similar shapes.

For instance, take design #2001, which forms a cross or an "X" shape when folded with the 2 sided pattern. The same "L shape", or straight edge, when applied to a 3 sided pattern #3001 transformed into a form that looks like three arrows converging. When applied to the 4 sided pattern #4001, the cross or "x" resembles the quadrant cross (a little bit). Then, lastly, when applied to a #6001 6 sided pattern, the shape resembles the Union Jack which is a combination of several different crosses.