Cute and Cuddly Bean Bag Dolls

rainbow stripebeanbagdoll1200Bean Bag Dolls

Bean bags are sealed cloth containers that contain dried beans or foam polypropylene pellets. Bean bags are popularly used in juggling games, kick ball games and other play time activities where small bags of beans are thrown at targets or openings for scoring points.

Bean bag baby dolls also make fun toys for babies and infants. These doll patterns may be printed for coloring with the usual pen, pencil, crayon, marker or watercolor. Other applications include:

Applications for these patterns could include:

  • Foam: Trace onto colorful foam sheets to mix and match colors and shapes.
  • Cloth: Trace the designs onto tee shirts to create fun baby doll decorations with puffy paint and glitter.
  • Felt: Make filled puffy cloth pillows or window ornaments
  • Celluclay: Paper mache tree ornaments
  • Stencils: Decorating the baby's room or use as patterns for sewing projects; embroidery and needle point.
  • Wood: Scroll saw enthusiast's dream patterns
  • Magnets: Print on magnet sheets for refrigerator magnets
  • Decals: Print on window decal sheets...
  • Paper: Print and color with markers, crayons, water colors, chalk, colored pencil...

Make safe, soft mobile ornaments to hang above baby cribs. Make wall hangings to cheer up a nursery room or latch hook rug squares for the play room floor.


Use as photo frames too. Cut out the paper doll's face and replace with a photograph of your favorite baby - of any age. The Scissor Craft Logo is also available as a doll pattern.

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