Three-Sided Frosty Mini flakes

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 Frosty Miniflakes
3-Sided Ornament Patterns3 sided miniflakes

Triangular shaped snow crystals can appear with the same weather conditions that produce 6 sided, hexagonal shaped snowflakes. These small triple sided miniflakes are shrunken versions of their larger counterparts in the regular sized pattern section, many of which are designed from photographs of actual snowflakes.

3-Sided, triangle Mini Flakes consist of simple scissor cuts which should be easy for most young beginning artists to master, a perfect matche for little fingers and small scissors.

Children can easily learn concepts of mathematical symmetry with paper folding techniques while creating hand crafted treasures for holiday celebrating, window decorating and Christmas ornaments. Transform the office cubicle or classroom into a blizzard of white or a mixture of colorful paper snowflakes. Use Frosty Miniflake Instructions for all Miniflake patterns

Child Craft 3-Sided Frosty Miniflakes