Three-Sided Snowflake Templates

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3 sided stencils3 Sided Snowflake Stencils

Triangular shaped snow crystals, like the 12 sided variety, are currently a mystery to science. The triple edged flakes appear with the same weather conditions that produce 6 sided, hexagonal shaped snowflakes. Because of the beautiful and symmetrical shapes of naturally occurring snowflakes, this is a great way to introduce symmetrical math patterns and concepts to young children.

Three sided patterns appear in nature along with the conditions which produce the 6 sided snowflakes.

Use these completed drawings of snowflake 3sideds for creating unique wooden snowflake ornaments, foam snowflakes, crochet snowflakes, embroidered snowflakes, latch hook rugs and other snowflake needlework projects.

Tri-sided Triangular Snowflakes