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The Question Asked:

What is the meaning of the word DOG?

As each person is unique with both individual and shared combinations of genetic DNA, intelligence, capabilities, opportunities and personalities. Therefore, person to person, first level answers may only originate from thus uniquely learned, formed and stored brain information memories and already formed ideas, stereotypes of the meaning of the word DOG.

Every person, from conception to dotage, grows, learns and matures each experiences uniquely different yet, similar observations and reactions to life events.

internal matrix

I refer to this phenomenon as Plinko Brain. As internal data stored within the individual utilizes the senses, taste, touch, audio, sight, intuit and smell.

I discovered the concept of Plinko Brain while enjoying the chaos of the Television game Plinko on the "The Price is Right."

With the game of Plinko, a contestant inserts a game puck arbitrarily into a maze grid of bumper pads which bounce the puck seemingly at random to and fro as it travels through the maze until ultimately falling into one category or another in order to win a monetary prize.

I equivocate Plinko to the random manner individuals develop and learn.  Each person uniquely experiences words, sounds, taste, smell, sight and intuit or gut feelings, as our mental Plinko pucks travel though the synaptic connections in our uniquely developing brains.

In other words, as an example:

If one's first experience with ice or freeze is our tongue stuck to a frozen flag pole, one might not think differently about the joyous qualities of ice until consuming a tasting a snow-cone on a hot summer day.