4-Square Frosty Miniflakes

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4sidedset001iconSquare 4-Sided 
Frosty Miniflakes TM

Mini-flakes are 3" and 4" cut and fold snow crystal pattern craft activities for young children. These little flakes come four designs to a printed page. Mix little mini snowflake designs with larger folding patterns when tackling the decorating tasks for the snowflake ball or winter wonderland wedding. Create paper blizzards of snow flakes with these very easy craft projects.

Four sided doily flakes are popular shapes, geometric and easy for little hands to fold and cut. Gwiazdy, an eight sided style of paper cutting is from the Kurpie and Lowicz regions of Poland.

Gwiazdy is the Polish word for "stars." Use these small patterns to create a virtual indoor winter wonderland of spectacular Gwiazdy star designs.

Another form of snowflake doily is the Hawaiian quilt snowflake designs in web site hawiianSnowflakes.com. Print the frosty mini flake instruction page for reference while cutting out these fun designs.for all Miniflake patterns.

Easy - 4-Sided Frosty Mini-Sized Snowflakes