Butterfly Masks

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Transform With Butterfly Masks

Ornithiotera paradisea papilionidae mask1200While researching for butterfly and moth photos, resources, books to gather quality information to enrich the educational value of paperbutterflies.com, I had a brainstorm. Hey, these might also make pretty cool looking butterfly masks with teachable moments. Kids can color the masks realistically for accurate identification, or color them whimsically to share in some butterfly fun.

Butterflies and moths are classified under the scientific name Lepidoptera. Pronunciation "Leh-pih-DOP-ter-ra". The super family for true butterflies is called: Papilionoidea. There are three superfamilies of butterflies, skippers, and moths. Over 180,000 species of Lepidoptera have been discovered in 128 families and 47 superfamilies.
Many butterflies have different coloring and marks depending upon whether their wings are open or closed and whether viewed from the topside or underside. Males and females frequently are markedly different in coloring and sometimes in size as well.

Butterfly paper masks for young children to print, cut out with scissors, color, and decorate with crayons, markers, glitter, feathers, yarn, colorful papers and fabrics. Decorate your masks with preshaped cut and paste designs.