Buggy Color Book Masks

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Creepy Insects & Bug Masks

termite eyes1200Hold the bug spray and drag out the scissor, paper, hole punchers tape and glitter glue. These creepy little crawly masks will make your cute button baby bugs honorary members of the insect community. Who among you can resist the allure of a sweet buggy eyed 4 foot tall housefly buzzing through the house and barn.

Naughty kids can frighten their mothers half-to-death with the hideous and terrifying termite eyes mask. Think of the most horrible Halloween mask you've ever seen and color this one the same. It'll be so bad it's good!

Nice children might prefer to dawn Lady Bug or Love bug masks to become sweet and cuddly companion, but you never know, masks allow children to be someone else for a time, maybe your little darling might choose a deadly Tarantula mask instead.

Insects Color Book Masks

Bees, butterflies, spiders, ants, dragonflies and ladybugs all occupy space in folk art. Bees are common motifs on Pysanky Easter eggs and ornaments.

Bees were domesticated by early humans for honey production. Both bees and honey are also valuable for use in folk medicine to treat illnesses such as arthritis.

Some cultures thought spiders to be lucky omens, weather forecasters, and helpful aids in folk medicine.

Bug Life Color Book

Symbolic attributes given to some insects include:

  1. Spiders: patience, artistry and industry.
  2. Ant - perseverance, industriousness, orderliness, virtue, strength, stamina, honor
  3. Bee - immortality, rebirth, order, purity, soul, chastity, community.
  4. Butterfly - metamorphosis, grace, light,
  5. Ladybug - delight, trust
  6. Dragonfly- swiftness, activity