Fish and Water Creatures

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Splish Splash Water Creatures

nautilus conch shell1200Have a whale of a time with these sea creatures mask patterns. Leave the fishing poles and tackle gear in the garage, these fish face-masks don't need hooks or bait to be captured by an imaginative child. Kids can magically transform from sweet and loving little urchins into voracious Great barracuda prowling the Mediterranean Sea and eastern Atlantic for a light snack or two, or change into a great white shark with an over sized mouth stalking unsuspecting surfer dudes. Or they may prefer the Royal treatment as a King Crab or an Indonesian Asian Floating Frog whiling away the time cruising with the currents. How about a sea snail or a shell with a twisting, turning Turkish turban?

These cute little gilled ichthyes and crusty cetaceans will make fun and fanciful ornaments. Make fishy Christmas tree decorations out of cloth scraps, multi-colored foam sheets and other craft materials.

Fish hold much historic importance in many cultures and are featured prominently in art and literature. Commonly known tales include Jonah, the prophet who was swallowed by a "great fish" (or whale). In 1836, Hans Christian Andersen wrote the beloved "Little Mermaid", a fanciful tale of a half-human, half-fish girl who fell in love with a human prince and gave up life in the sea to gain a human soul.

Fish-Head Fun Masks

Fish also hold religious significance for Hindu, Jain and Buddhist traditions as well as Christian. For some cultures fish represent fertility and abundance, in others fish symbols declare identity and purpose.

Many of the fish-head designs are from Scissorcraft where you can find complete versions without the eye holes.