Monkey Shines Valentines

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valentine monkey hangs by tail

Animal Valentines

Make good memories with the children and grandchildren with cards and decorations for the holidays with sweetheart animal images.  Educational animal color book ornament craft to fill the  classroom, playroom, party house, holiday tree, office cubicle and window panes with happy cheerful memories.

Print Valentine animals, frogs, puppy dogs and squirrels, color with crayons or markers and make hanging ornaments, latch hook rugs or laminate for place mats.  These wild creatures and tame animal friends make cute, enjoyable gifts children can easily make themselves to go along with Valentine's Day envelopes or as Valentine cards to print on specialized paper, refrigerator magnets, home-made transparencies and window appliques.

Kids, send your mom or dad off to work with sweet sentiments in their lunch bag or briefcase.

Recipients of these hand-colored Valentines will appreciate seeing their children or grand children's youthful writings, photographs and expressions of love, well wishes and thanks.