Smackdown Celebrity Flakes

Movie Star and Celebrity Snowflakes

Smackdown Celebrity FlakesTake a peek at your favorite celebrity magazine or web site to search for profile photos of your favorite hot pop or movie star. Print the image or save it to your PC's art program. Go to the Pattern Formats page and save or print a template. Trace the movie star's profile and fit it to one of the snowflake templates. Cut out and see a celebrity flake of your favorite star.

Educational, wholesome family fun, these fun patterns are made from profile views of famous Hollywood movie star actors. Each celebrity design is different and unique, just like naturally made snowflakes.

The purpose of this little celebrity profile experiment is to demonstrate how a beautiful snowflake can be created using a person's silhouette as a pattern.

Movie Celebrity Pattern Activities

Celebrity snowflakes are available in three craft formats, folding patterns, stencils and outlines for coloring, just use the pull-down navigation menu above to select.

Our first Snowflake Celebrity is Snowflake Smackdown. This bit of silliness came about when I asked Mr. Boyd to autograph one of my favorite indi movies and in return I would send him one of my famous snowflake tee shirts I was giving away at the time.

As you can see the gang had quite a bit of fun with these tees. I really enjoyed giving away snowflake mouse pads and tees to visitors. Maybe one of these days, when Paper Snowflakes gets rich and famous I can start giving the tees away again :-)

Daniel Boyd, Professor of Communications at West Virginia State University, Filmmaker, and Extreme Pro Wrestler!

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Professor Danger, Death Falcon Zero


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Awesome Allen - Prof. Danger's Arch Enemy

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Special Agent Casey Gunnar

Special Agent Casey Gunnar

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