Celebrity Snowflake Stencils

snowflake hollywood star Celebrity Stencils

Star Snowflake Stencils

At first glance these movie star snowflakes look just like regular snowflakes, but look closer and you will see the profile of a famous face in every one.

Patterns may also be used in craft projects for embroidery, crochet, wood scroll projects, latch-hook rug patterns and more.  Celebrity snowflakes are offered in 3 formats; color book format for those too young or unable to use scissors, fold and cut format, and in stencil format for etching and stenciling.

Educational, wholesome family fun, these fun patterns are made from profile views of famous Hollywood movie star actors. Each celebrity design is different and unique, just like naturally made snowflakes.

The purpose of this little celebrity profile experiment is to demonstrate how a beautiful snowflake can be created using a person's silhouette as a pattern.

Movie Celebrity Pattern Activities

Trace these completed Hollywood Snowflake designs onto your latch-hook rug canvases to make snowflake celebrity throw rugs. Make several celebrity snowflake rugs and connect them together for a carpet of snowflake movie stars! Hang snowflake designs anywhere and everywhere for the holiday season. Print snowflake stencils and use in classroom studies or for personal art projects.

Suggested uses include:

  • Etching, stenciling, woodworking, embroidery, latch-hook rugs, wall hangings, crochet. Laminate and hang snowflake ornaments on your Christmas tree.  Print snowflake window decals for stunning windows displays in home, office or car. Make snowflake refrigerator magnets with magnetic printing paper